Dr. Basel Mansour

Dr. Mansour started working at An-Najah University in 1999/2000. An experienced professor, he refuses the idea of depositing knowledge into his students, so Dr. Mansour uses interactive teaching methods and real-life case studies in his classes to motivate students to analyze critical issues on their own. His previous research interests focused on International Law, specifically on perspectives on terrorism and resistance, and on legal responsibility for heads of state in front of international courts, the ICC in particular. Currently, Dr. Mansour is exploring reaches of humanitarian intervention and its impact on the state’s rule of law and principles of national jurisdiction and sovereignty. He has also co-written a peer-reviewed article with another lecturer about legal protection for women in conflict. By contributing his academic experience, research projects, and by defending labor rights at An-Najah University, Dr. Mansour hopes to enhance the caliber of teaching and research at the Faculty of Law, making it the best law faculty in Palestine.

When he is not teaching, Dr. Mansour works as a real-estate arbitrator at the Ministry of Justice.

Email: bmansoor@najah.edu

An-Najah National University
Nablus, Palestine
P.O. Box
7, 707
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