An-Najah University Journal for Research - A (Natural Sciences) Volume 31, Issue 1, 2017 February


On the Paper: ''Examples in Cone Metric Spaces: A Survey'' Middle East Journal of Scientific Research, 11(12):1636-1640, 2014, M. Asadi, H. Soleimani
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Phytoviruses in Palestine: Status and Future Perspectives
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Estimation of Nuclear DNA Contents of Three Economically Important Plant Species by Laser Flow Cytometry
Full text
Description of Renal Function among Patients Admitted with Myocardial Infarction
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Chromium Ion Uptaken from Soil through Phytoremediation Using Zea Mays and Nicotiana Tabacum
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Assessing the Business Needs and Readiness of Palestinian Municipalities to Adapt GIS to Promote Public Services
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The Prevalence of Occupational Lung Diseases among Pickles Factories’ Workers in Palestine
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Sensorless Auto Commissioning of the Position Phase Shift Compensation in Permanent Magnet Machines
Full text
Technical and Financial Assessment of Glazed and Evacuated Tubes Solar Collectors for Domestic Water Heating Application in Palestine
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A Spatial Estimation of Groundwater Recharge in Southern Ontario, Canada
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Simplified Conceptual Equation for Soil-Structure Interaction for Simple Structures on Dry Soils Due to Vertical Loads for Practical Purposes
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