An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 18, Issue 2, 2004 December


Equity in Education
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The Role of Feminine “Ha'a”‎‏ ‏in Plural‏ ‏‎“A perusal in Lisan ‎Al- Arab”‎
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Criteria Governing Extension of Direct Credit Facilities by ‎Palestinian Islamic Banks
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The Properties of the Sarsaq Family in Palestine 1869-1948‎
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The Settlement Patterns during the Early Bronze Age in ‎Palestine
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The Rights of the Handicapped in the Islamic Law
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Relationship of Relative Strength, Weight and Level of Skill ‎Performance in Gymnastics of physical Education Major
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The Effect of Suggested Learning Swimming Program on some ‎Variables for Middle Age Men
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The Matter of Alkohl in Alkafiya-‎‏ ‏By: Mohammad Bin ‎Ibrahim Al- Niksari ‎
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Book Review: Thinking Skills‏ ‏Instruction (With hundreds practical ‎applications) Jawdat Ahmad Saadah‎
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A Municipal Management and Decentralization Policy ‎Analysis‏ ‏in the Palestinian Territories
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The Translatability of Utterances Containing Implicatures ‎from Arabic into English
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