An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 21, Issue 1, 2007 June


The Relationship between Brain Dominance and the Academic ‎Specialization of Students in Schools and Universities in Jordan
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The Image of Prince Yousef Bin Tashafin in the Treatises ‎Literatures in the Ages of Tawaif and Murabitin
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Effect of Some Remembering Strategies on‏ ‏Information Recall in ‎Relation to Students Gender and Learning Motivation
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The Effects of Financial liberalization on Monetary Policy and the ‎Money Multiplier‏ ‏‎(The Jordanian Case)‎
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Motives for Practicing Sports Activities‏ ‏by Birzeit University ‎Students
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The Effect of Instructional Games on Immediate and Delayed ‎Achievement in Math's of 3rd Grade students in Jerusalem Suburbs ‎Schools
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The Effect of using Floating Equipment that Helps in Learning some ‎Basic Swimming Skills for Students of Physical Education in ‎Palestine Technical College
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The Woman Image in “Alkhawarej” Poetry During Umayyad Period
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The Concept of Al-Baraka in the Glorious Qur’an “the Baraka of ‎Beit ‎ِAl- Maqdes” A linguistic and Literary Study‎
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Imposed Integration within Economic Relationship between the ‎Occupied Palestinian Territories and both of Israel and Jordan ‎‎(1968-1998)‎
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Situation of the Palestinian Woman in the Political Participation and ‎Locally (Gaza Strip Example)‎
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Design Criteria of Arab School Web Sites
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