An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 21, Issue 3, 2007 December


Scientific Cognitive Achievement Among Track And Field Players And Coaches In Jordan
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The Psychological and Social Effects Resulted from Unpaid Salaries to the Palestinian Authority Employees
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Emotional Intelligence and its Relationship with Happiness and Self-Confidence among Al-Aqsa University Students
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The Availability and the Degree of Satisfaction of the West Bank State Schools' Principals with the Teachers' Use of Teaching Technologies
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Rights of Intellectual Property from Law & Jurisprudence Perspectives
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Islamic University of Gaza Faculty Attitudes towards Students' Evaluation of their Performance
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The Sibahis and their Relationship with the People in the Countryside of the Jerusalem during the 17th Century
Full text
The Minister Nizam Al-Mulk and His Role in the Saljuq State's Public Life
Full text
Teachers Morale Levels and Sources among Basic School Teachers in Nablus City (Palestine)
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Image of the Educational Counselor in Government Schools in Northern Governorates of Palestine as Perceived by School Principals
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Prof. Rowa' Al Ramahi
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