An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 22, Issue 4, 2008 December


Concept of Self at Male and Female of Motive Challenges in National ‎Sportive Teams in Jordan
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Factors that Affect the Use of Information Technology in the Process ‎of Education in North Palestinian Schools
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The reality of Total Quality Management in the Ministry of National ‎Economy: Analytical study from the point of view‏ ‏of‏ ‏Administrators ‎and Beneficiaries
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Impact of Hamas' Political Culture on Hamas' Governance Political ‎Behavior
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Concept and Legislative Environment of Investment in the ‎Palestinian National Authority Controlled Areas: Analytical-‎Critical Study
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The Moral Principles on which Medical Faculty Students at the ‎University of Jordan Depend to Identify Moral Issues and to‏ ‏What ‎Extend such Principles are Influenced by Gender, Study Level, and ‎Nature of Science Understanding Level
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Aspects of Negative Behaviors among Students in the Basic Stage ‎from the Viewpoint of Teachers and Mechanisms of Coping With ‎them
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Applicability of the 2004 ALI / UNIDROIT Principles of ‎Transnational Civil Procedure
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Mongolian Phrases in the Mamluk Era Literature and Books of its ‎Historians from (648 – 803 H)‎
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The Effect of Teaching Natural Science Using Learning Cycle(5E's) ‎on Developing the Basic Knowledge Economy Skills Among the ‎Educational Sciences Faculty Students in Jordan
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