An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 22, Issue 5, 2008 December


The Obstacles Facing Sport Movement in the Clubs of Zarqa ‎Governorate from the viewpoint of Administrators and Players
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The Availability of Science Processes in Science Textbooks in the ‎Stage of Basic Education in Palestine
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The Contribution of some Anthropometric and Physical ‎Measurements in Predicting Performance for Long and Triple ‎Jumps
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The Effect of the Brainstorming Teaching Method on UNRWA- FES ‎Students' Achievement and their Critical Thinking in the Geography ‎Course
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Developing a System for Corporate Governance in Jordanian Stock ‎Corporations to Reinforce the Independence of the Auditor‎
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Depicting Reality in Walid Saif’s Poem‏ ‏‎- Ghadra and Zaid Al-Yasin ‎Tale … as a Model‎
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Effect of Movement and Action Story on the Development of some ‎Language Patterns and Movement Performance of first Primary ‎Children in Jordan
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The Differences Between Multiple Intelligences Among Freshman ‎Students Enrolled At UNRWA Higher Education Institutes In Jordan
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The Impact a Suggested Plan of Psychological Skills on Developing ‎Performance of Football Players
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Degree of Kindergarten Teachers’ Assessment of their Practices in ‎Creating Learning Environment Conducive to Developing ‎Children's Literacy Skills at Kindergarten‎
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