An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 23, Issue 3, 2009 June


The First Secondary Class Students and Their Parents Level of Practicing Values in Zarga Governorate: Comparative Study
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The Stages of Al-Jihad Permission and its Modern Implication (A Comparative Jurisprudence Study)
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The Impact of Using Cognitive Aesthetics on Creative Thinking of Faculty of Educational Sciences Students / UNRWA
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The Reality Of Quality Of Graduate Program At An- Najah National University As Perceived By Their Student
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The Effect of Applying A Suggested Strategy in Teaching Using Diagnostic Assessment on the Fifth Grade Pupils Achievement and Retention of Information in Math
Full text
Educational Supervisors’ practices in Government Schools in Palestinian Northern Governorates as Perceived by (male and female) Teachers
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The Usage Degree of Education Sciences College Students at An -Najah National University of the Internet
Full text
The Relationship between Response Inconsistency Due to Item Wording and Some Variable
Full text
An-Najah National University Students, Adjustment in the Light of some Variables
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Role of American Policy in the Palestinian Catastrophe between 1939-1948: Prevention of Palestine Independence and Creation of the Jewish State
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Prof. Waleed Sweileh
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