An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 10, 2010 December


Effectiveness of the University Students’ Performance on the Practical Courses for the College of Physical Education Students at An–Najah National University
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Women's Sports in the Gaza Strip Reality and Aspirations of "Historical and Analytical Study from a Feminist Perspective" from (1953 to 2008)
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The Self Evaluation of Teachers/ Students Competencies in Teaching Physical Education at Al-Aqsa –University- Gaza
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Attitudes of Female Students at Physical Education Department at Kadoorie University in Palestine towards Playing Soccer
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The Prevalence of the Phenomenon of Competitive Behavior among Football Players in the Governorates of Gaza Strip
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Students’ Trends at the Physical Education Faculty in Al Aqsa University towards Teaching and Training Professions
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Selected Motor Skill by Utilizing Microteaching Strategy for Student Teacher
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Using Competitive Situations for Developing Basketball Jump Shooting Skill among Physical Education Students at AL- Aqsa University
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A Construction of Test Battery to Measure the Overall Motor Performance for the Basic Stage Pupils
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Isokinetic Dynamometry in Measuring Bilateral Shoulder Peak Torque: Comparison and Prediction
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