An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 2, 2010 February


Effect of an Enrichment Program in the National Education on the Distinguished Students' Attitudes toward it with the students of the tenth basic grade in King Abdullah II's School for Excellence in Zarqa
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The Effectiveness of Instructional Computer Program on Third Primary-Social Course-Students in Ma'an
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Academic Adjustment and its Relationship with the General Self-Efficacy of Students in the Faculty of Education at Al al-Bayt University
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UNRWA Teacher's Attitudes in Irbid Educational Area towards Teaching Career in Light of Some Variables
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The Role of National Sport Teams in Promoting Jordanian’s Touristic Product
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The Effect of Psychological Empowerment on Citizenship Behavior of Employees in Social Security Corporation in Jordan
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The Compatibility of the Graduates of Vocational Training Centres with the Needs of Labour Market in the West Bank during the Period 2004-2006
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The Contrast in BMI, the Age Group, and the Risk Factors for Car-diovascular Disease in Jordanian Men
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Impact of Immediate and Delayed Feedback on Learning lay up Skill in Basketball for Physical Education Students at An-Najah National University
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Contradiction Claim between the Texts of the Holy Qur'an
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The Effect of Collaborative Strategy on Improving Students’ Potentials in learning Active Voice and Passive Voice in English
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