An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 3, 2010 March


Conceit Proposal for Development Skills of the Mathematics Teachers in the Secondary Stage in Gaza Governorate
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The Effect of Information Quantity on Developing Metamemory among a Sample of University Students
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The Attitudes of the Faculty Members At Al-Balqa' Applied University Towards the Application of E-Learning in University Teaching from their Own Perspective
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Obstacles of Implementing the Strategy of the Authentic Assessment System on the First Four Grades of Basic Education in Zarqa Governorate
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Future Scenarios for the Use of Information and Communication Technology in the Development of the Educational System
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The Impact of Educational Program to Enhance the Angle of the trunk by the Undulation Technique of breaststroke Using Pool Noodle as a Tool
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Comparative Study of Strategic Planning Impediments in Yemeni and Jordan Sport League
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The Parsing Method in Arabic Language and Discourse Analysis the Notion and the Procédure
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Captive Women in the Pre –Islamic Poems (AL-Sabiyyah)
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The Contextual Relations in the "L`écart" Phenomenon in the Arabic Language
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Perceptual Aspect of Risk: The Concept and Management- A Qualitative Study of a Non-Governmental Healthcare Organization
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