An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 5, 2010 May


Allegations of SARFAH: An Analytic-Critical Study
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The Legal Arrangements to Limit from Divorce Occurrence in Jordanian Reality - Comparative Islamic Study
Full text
Imprisonment and its Impact on Prisoner's Behavior in Some Marriage & Divorce Cases (A Comparative Fiqh Study with the Jordanian Civil Status Law)
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The Impact of a Propose Training Program on the Coordination Elements of Beginner Soccer Players
Full text
The Effect of Information and Communication Technology on Back Stroke Swimming Output for Physical Education Students at the University of Jordan
Full text
The Arrival of Abu Dahab in Damascus al-Sham and its Aftermath (1139-1187 Hij./ 1727-1773 A.D.)
Full text
A Critical Look Into Ibn Al-Wardi`S "The News Of The Plague" Ra`Ed Mustafa Abdel-Rahim
Full text
The Impact of Television Advertisements on the Social Behavior of the Palestinian University Female Students
Full text
The Level of Psychological Burnout among the Teachers of the Kinder Gardens in Ajloun Governorate
Full text
The Effect of Using Instructional Technology on Pharmacy Students’ Reading Comprehension at Al -Isra University
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