An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 6, 2010 June


The Effect of Proposed Training Program for the Development of Physical Fitness in Improving the Sensory - Motor Cognation of Students at the Faculty of Physical Education at An – Najah National University
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The Role of Schools Principals in Supervising Physical Education and Sport Activities in Qabatia Directorate
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Constructing Norms of Body Mass Index, Body Surface Area, Ideal Body Weight, Waist –to-Hip Ratio and Resting Metabolic Rate among Students in Birzeit University
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A Study of Psychological Atmosphere Phenomenon of Handball Teams and its Relation with their Achievement in Top Tournament in Palestine
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The Flow State among Top Division Team Games Players in Palestine
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Obstacles that face Arab Women with Leading Positions in the Field of Sport in the Asian Arab Countries
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The Role of Palestinian Sports Federations in the Activation on Teams Participation in Champions from Coaches Point of View
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The Efficiency of the New Jordanian Sport Federations System (Members' Selection)
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The Difficulties that Physical Education Female Students Face In Participating In Soccer at the Palestinian Universities
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Constraints Facing the Training of Physical Education Teachers during the Service in the Governorates of Gaza Strip
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Determinants of Physical Activity among Male and Female Secondary Schools Team Games in Tulkarem District
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