An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 24, Issue 8, 2010 August


Social Support and its Relation with Psychological Security to the Residents of the Houses Destroyed in the Latest Assault in the Gaza Strip in December 2008
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The Efficiency of Resources Rooms for Special Needs in Government Schools from Headmasters and Teachers of Resources Rooms and Educational Counselors Perspective
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The Effectiveness of an Assessment Strategy based on Performance in Developing the Mathematical Thinking and the Ability of Problems Solving of Secondary Stage Students
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The Role of the School Islamic Culture Textbooks in the Civilizations Dialogue through the Outspread of the Dialogue Culture and Tolerance in Jordan
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The Impact of (V) Diagram and Experiment Demonstration Strategies on Practical Performance for the 8th Grade Students and their Acquisition of Cognitive Skills which implemented in the International (TIMSS) Tests in Gaza Strip
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The Impact of Integration of Three Parts of CoRT Program for Teaching Thinking in Science Textbooks on Achievement, Scientific Skills & Decision Making Ability among 7th Graders in Palestine
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Reasons for Abstaining the Students of Faculty of Physical Education Refereeing Team Games
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Attitudes of Young Men and Women Enrolled in Youth Centers of the Higher Council for Youth Towards Gender
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Districts of the Holy Quran "and Dawud and Sulaiman as Governing in the Tillage"
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Intertextuality and Literary Translation between Arabic and English
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Determinants of Capital Structure Choice: A Case Study of Jordanian Industrial Companies
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