An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 25, Issue 1, 2011 January


Self-Efficacy of Teachers in Zarqa Governorate in the Light of some Variables
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Kindergarten Curriculum Discrepancies in Jordan and their Relation on the Social, Cognitive, and Physical Development of Children
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Emotional Intelligence and Relationship with Personality Styles and Burnout among Teachers of the First Three Grades
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The Effect of Teaching by using Cooperative Learning Strategy at Level of Skill Performance and Attitudes of Female Student at Faculty of Physical Education towarding Gymnastic Sport
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The Organizational Culture and its Relationship with knowledge Management at Al-Aqsa University for her Lecturer’s Point of View
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The Holy Qur'an Approach to Identifying Instructional Technology Through Story Verses: An Educational Quran'ic Study
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The Way of Moving the Finger while Saying Al-Tashahud in Prayer
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The Legal Basis for the Documentary Credit Encountering the Beneficiary of the Credit in the Light of the Unified Convention Bulletin 600
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The Impact of Customers Information Management on Organizational Performance and Competitive Advantage: A Field Study of Palestinian Corporations
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Traditional Versus Nontraditional Methods of Teaching: the Impact on Nursing Teaching Effectiveness and Student’s Achievements at Nursing Colleges
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Prof. Rowa' Al Ramahi
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