An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 25, Issue 5, 2011 May


Effectiveness of A Program in Neuro Linguistic Programming to Reduce a Future Anxiety among the Students of Al- Aqsa University, Affiliated with the Palestinian Organizations at Gaza Governorates
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Educational Crises Management in Secondary Public Schools in Northern Palestine As Perceived by Principals
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Effectiveness of a Training Program in the Development of Educational Supervisors' Competencies from their Own Perspective - a Field Study on a Sample of Educational Supervisors in the International Relief Agency in Jordan
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Ninth Graders Evaluation of their Classroom Environment in Civic Education in Ramallah Governorate
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Construction of Meaning with Manifestations of Water in Contemporary Arab Poetry A mythological and Symbolic Reading in Collection of Poems "Ma Aqalla Habibati" by Rashid Issa as Example
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The Effect of the Suggested Sport Program on the Improvement of the Image of the Body and the Notion of Self-Esteem among Persons with Disabilities
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The Social Benefits Resulting from the Physical Activity According to the Point of View of the Yarmouk University Students
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Obstacles to the Effect of the Quran Upon its Hearers: A View Towards A Cure
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Abortion in Islamic Criminal Legislation: its Pillars and Punishment (Comparative Fiqhi Study)
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Kindergarten Teachers’ Beliefs about Teaching English in Jordan Asma’a Abu Qbeita
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