An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 25, Issue 9, 2011 October


Amongst the Style Deviation Features in Abu Tammam's Aennea
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The Effect of Using Revised learning Cycle in Developing the Critical Thinking Skills of 10th Grade Female Students in Jordan
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The Degree of the Basic Stage Students’ Interest in Science as Related to their Gender, Class Level, and Academic Achievement
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Means of Parliamentary Control on the Acts of the Executive Authority in the Constitutional System of Jordan during the Period from Year (2003-2009)
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Hadith “Burier and Buried Female are in the Hell” Analytic Critical Study
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Developing Standard Levels in Volleyball Basic Skills for Physical Education Female Students at Al- Yarmouk University
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Educational Supervision Status in the Program of Practical Education at the Department of Physical Education at Al- Aqsa University in Gaza
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Obstacles which Face Volleyball in Irbid Directorate from the View Point of Physical Education Teachers
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The Effect of Physical Educational Class in Identifying Physical and Verbal Aggressive Behavior for the Ninth Grade Class in the Governorate of Karak
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