An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities) Volume 26, Issue 1, 2012 January


The Criteria of Selecting Coaches in the Premier Football Clubs in Jordan
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Pressures Encountered by Football Players Before and During the Performance of Penalty in Regard to the Professional Clubs
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The Impact of Frequent Training to Improve Anaerobic Distinctive Threshold and Accomplishment for the Long-Distance Runners
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The Administrative Styles of Heads of Sports Federations in Jordan: Applications to the theory of Likert Quartet
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The Effect of Some Exercises on Some Aerobic and Anaerobic Physical Capacities and Physiological Variables for AL- Yarmouk University Students
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The Condition and Potential Development of the Palestinian Cooperative Movement from the Perceptions of Policy and Decision Makers
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The Availability of Democracy Concepts in Social Studies Books in Secondary Education in Yemen and the Extent of Acquisition Students Have
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The Impact of Peer Feedback on Improving the Writing Skills Among Hebron University Students
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The Most Common Punctuation Errors Made by the English and the TEFL Majors at An-Najah National University
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