An-Najah University Journal for Law and Economics

Editorial Board


  • Prof. Ismail Warad , Professor of Chemistry, Dean of Scientific Research, [email protected]
  • Prof. Abdulnaser I. Nour , Faculty of Business&Communication – An-Najah National University – Palestine, [email protected]

Editorial board members

  • Dr. Naeem Salameh , Faculty of Law and Political Sciences. Assistance Professor- An-Najah National University – Palestine, [email protected]
  • Dr. Sam Alfoqahaa , Faculty of Business & Communication – Associate Professor – An- Najah National University- Palestine, [email protected]
  • Dr. Noor Omer Adaas , Faculty of Law and Political Sciences - Assistance Professor. An-Najah National University, [email protected]
  • Dr. Shathaa Abdel Rahman Qumehia , Faculty of Business & Communication- Assistance Professor – An-Najah National University – Palestine, [email protected]

International Advisory Board

  • Prof. Said Mohammad Alkhatib , Faculty of Business - University of Jordan - Jordan, [email protected]
  • Prof. Jehad Yasin , Georgia Military College - University of Georgia - USA, [email protected]
  • Prof. Sayed Ahmed Mahmoud Sayed , Professor at the Faculty of Law/Ain Shams University - Egypt, [email protected]
  • Prof. Ali Hadi Al-Hilali , Professor at the College of Law/University of Baghdad - Iraq, [email protected]
  • Prof. Mahmood Ibrahim Fayed , Professor at the College of Law/University of Sharjah-UAE
  • Prof. Raúl Pérez Guerra , Professor at the College of Law/University of Almería – Spain, [email protected]
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