An-Najah University Journal for Research - A (Natural Sciences)

Occurrence of Pythium Species in Cultivated Soils in the West Bank and Gaza Strip: A Preliminary Report
Occurrence of Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus on Volunteer Tomato, Jimsonweed, and Tobacco in North West Bank: Distribution of Virus Natural Reservoirs in Summer Season
On Composition Operators on A2
On Composition Operators on N+(?)
On Interpolation in Hardy- Orlicz Spaces
On Multipliers of Orlicz Spaces
On Pairwise Sublindel of Spaces
On Semilocal Rings And Finitely Generated Projective Modules
On the HK Completions of Sequence Spaces
On the Numerical Treatment of Heat Conduction Problem by Boundary Element and Multigrid Methods
On the Paper: ''Examples in Cone Metric Spaces: A Survey'' Middle East Journal of Scientific Research, 11(12):1636-1640, 2014, M. Asadi, H. Soleimani
On the Size of Blocking Sets in ?+(12,q)
On Unsteady MHD Flow Through Porous Medium Between Two Parallel Flat Plates
Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization for Potatoes in the West Bank-Palestine
Ordinary and Bayesian Shrinkage Estimation
Oxidation of some Alicyclic Amines by Potassium Hexacyanoferrate (III) in Alkaline Medium: A Kinetic and Mechanistic Study
Passive Solar Urban Design - Shadow Analysis of Different Urban Canyons
Pattern Analysis of Mosques in Gaza-Palestine by Using GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Pattern of Parenteral Antimicrobial Prescription among Pediatric ‎Patients in Al-Watani Governmental Hospital in Palestine
Performance of Different Grape Cultivars for Rooting and Grafting
Pharmacological Evaluation of 5-Flurouracil (5-FU) ‎Utilization among Patients with Gastro-Intestinal Tract ‎‎(GIT) Cancers‎
Pharmacotherapeutic Analysis and Prescription Pattern of ‎Antihypertensive Drugs Dispensed at Community Pharmacies in Palestine‎
Pharmacotherapeutic Implications and Prescribing Pattern of ‎Benzodiazepines (BZD) by Psychiatrists and Neurologists
Photon Shadowing in Nuclei
Phytoconstituents, antioxidant and inhibitory activity against α-amylase and α-glucosidase of Opuntia ficus-indica
Phytoviruses in Palestine: Status and Future Perspectives
Polarographic Study of Some Arylidene-2-Pyridylhydrazones
Polaronic Donor in a Strictly Two-Dimensional ‎ Quantum Well
Pollution Levels of Drinking Water in Nablus
Pollution Levels of Drinking Water in Several Villages in Nablus Area and in the City of Hebron
Polymerization of 4-Methylpentene -1- by the MgCl2|Eb|TiCl4|Al(iBu)3 Catalyst System 1. Kinetic Investigations
Polymerization of 4-Methylpentene- 1-by Using the MgCl2|Eb|TiCl4|Al(iBu)3 Catalyst System 2. Active Centre Determination
Polymerization of Ethylene by the Silaned SiO2 -Mg(iBu)2-TiCl4-Al(iBu)3 Catalyst System
Polystyrene Lightweight Concrete (Polyconcrete)
Post infection Purpura Fulminans in a patient heterozygous for Factor V Leiden and transient protein S deficiency
Potential Biocontrol Agents on Nutsedges
Preliminary Cross-Sectional Screening for the Assessment of Macronutrient Consumption and Body Mass Index in Orphans Aged 7 to 15 Years in Amman, Jordan
Prevalence and Diversity of Gastrointestinal Parasites in small Ruminants Under Two Different Rearing Systems in Jenin District of Palestine
Pricing and Controlling Construction Projects Using the Significant Philosophy
Pyridylazo Compounds As Analytical Reagents: A Review
Quality of Underground Water in the West Bank and its Suitability for Irrigation
Quantitative Determination of Three Textile Reactive Dyes ‎in Ground Water, Sewage Water and Soil Using ‎Voltammetric and HPLC Techniques‎
Quantity-Significant Models and their Use for Predicting Evaluation Curves
Quasi Centralizers and Inner Derivations in a Closed Ideal ‎of a Complex Banach Algebra
Rate of Compliance Among Patients with Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension
Reality of Road Safety Conditions at Critical Locations in Nablus City, Palestine with a Road Map for Future Interventions
Resource Significant Cost and Time Models for Building Projects
Review of The Multiplier Algebra of Orlicz Spaces
RNAi Inhibition of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) Gene Expression in CHO Cell Line
Role of Angular Impulse Exerted on a Moving Electron in a Magnetic field
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