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The Effects of Pipe Material and Age on the Formation of Disinfection by – Products (DBP) In Nablus Water Network - Survey Study of the Occurrence of Trihalomethanes in Nablus Drinking Water
The effects of shear rate and capillary length-to-diameter ratio on isothermal extrudate swell of polymer melts
The Effects of Substrate Material, Quenching and Annealing on the Properties of High Temperature Superconductor BSCCO (Bi-2212) Thick Tapes
The Electronic Structure of Gax In 1-x As and InASx P1-x Using the Recursion Method
The Extended Center of Groups
The Extent of Awareness of Seismic Risks among Palestinian Citizens
The Geochemistry of Pliocene Volcanism in the Shahba region, South of Syria
The Hamilton-Jacobi Treatment of Complex Fields as Constrained Systems
The Impact of Implementing Quality Management Principles of IS09000 on Business Effectiveness: An Applied Study at Palestinian Businesses
The Impacts of the Segregation Wall‏ ‏on the Sustainability of ‎Transportation Systems and Services in the Palestinian ‎Territories
The Influence of Working in Charcoal Factories on Selected Respiratory Parameters
The Influence of Working in Stone Crushing Factories on Specific Respiratory Parameters
The Intersection Operation in Light of the Concept of Joint Observables in Fuzzy (Operational) Probability Theory
The Multiplier Algebra of Orlicz Spaces
The New Patterns of the Israeli Road Measures and their Impact on the Palestinian Transport Sector
The Number of Ring Homomorphisms from Zm[i] x Zn into Zk[i]
The Optical Polaron in a Slab-Like Confinement
The Optical Polaron in Spherical Quantum Dot Confinement
The Optical Polaron versus the Effective Dimensionality in Quantum Well Systems
The Population Dynamics of the Mediterranean Fruit Fly,‎‏ ‏Ceratitis capitata Wied. Diptera: Tephritidae‎‏ ‏in Some Fruit ‎Orchards in Gaza Strip
The Present Status of Control and Extent of Infestation with ‎Citrus Leafminer and Scale Insects on Citrus Trees in ‎Tulkarm Area
The Prevalence of Occupational Lung Diseases among Pickles Factories’ Workers in Palestine
The Response of Three Varieties of Wheat to Nitrogen Fertilization
The Role of Pitch Filter in Pulse-by-Pulse Reoptimization of the LP Synthesis Filter
The Role of Solvent on the Kinetics and Mechanism of the Hydrolysis of Salicylidene Benzoyl Hydrazone
The Susceptibility of Twelve Grape Cultivars to Meloidogyne Incognita Acrita, Rotylenchulus Reniformis and Tylenchulus Semipenetrans
The Use of Transition-Metal Complexes as Catalysts in Tertiary Silanes Reactions with Unsaturated Organic Compounds and Alcohol: A Review
The Wave Equation with Energy Dependent Potential - the Linear Case
Three-dimensional Gravity Model of the southern Jordan Dead Sea Transform
Tinea Capitis in the Nablus Area
Topological and Chemical Thresholds in Glasses of the Ge-Sb-S System
Toward Inference Based Distributed Processing, Analytical Modelling and Performance Evaluation
Traffic Signal Impacts on Air Pollution and Fuel Consumption in‏ ‏Downtown Nablus ‎City
Triangular Fuzzy Metric
Trivial Ring Extension of Suitable-Like Conditions and some properties
Two Methods for the Evaluation of Six Disinfectants Using Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Serratia Marcescens as the Test Organisms
Two-Sample Multivariate Test of Homogeneity
Typical and Atypical Antipsychotic Drug Utilization in a Psychiatric Clinic ‎in Palestine
Uniform Convergence of Schwarz Method for Elliptic Quasi-Variational Inequalities Related to Impulse Control Problem
Use of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae In Biological Treatment for Heavy Metals Uptake from Industrial Wastewater
Using Molecular and Biological Tools for Assessment of TYLCV Resistant Tomato Cultivars Commercially Grown in Southern Palestine
Utilization of Olive Pulp in Broiler Rations
Visceral Organ Mass of Lambs Fed Four Roughage Diets
Zero Insertive Group Rings
الكشف عن الذرات المفردة باستعمال أشعة الليزر
ٍShort Communication: Dethiation of ?-Methyl and ?-Phenylmercaptopropionic Acid Derivatives
ٍSubject Review: Application and Usage of Pesticides in Palestine: Current and Future Outlook
ٍSubject Review: The Status of Horticulture Protection and Using Pesticides in Gaza Strip
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