An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Al-Mu'jam Al-Wasiit
Al-Rahim “Blood Relations” and Al-Rahman “The Beneficent” Linguistically and in ‎Tafsir “Exegesis of the Holy Quran”‎
Al-Tafsir Al-Muneer of Al-Zuhaili: Study and Evaluation
Al-Zahra Book, by Abu Bakr Al Asbahani, Comments and Corrections Vol. I
Al-Zahra Book, by Abu Bakr Al Asbahani, Comments and Corrections Vol. II
Alienation in collection of Pomes ‘Tafasel Alfraq’ by the poet Ahmad Qaran Al-Zahrani
Alignments in the Pre-Islamic era, Mythological Reading
Allegations Against the Mother of Believers Aisha, May God give her Blessing in her Morals
Allegations of SARFAH: An Analytic-Critical Study
Alternative Ruling Studied by Al-Usuliyyin (Scholars of the Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence) its Concept, Kinds, Controls and Jurisprudential Applications
Altruism and Helping for a Sample of Children's Teachers in Jordan
Amongst the Style Deviation Features in Abu Tammam's Aennea
An Analytical and Evaluative Study of the Islamic Sciences ‎Questions Used in the Jordanian General Secondary Certificate ‎Examinations for Years (1997-2005) in Light of Cognitive Levels‎
An analytical study of the Palestine football federation on implementing professional Kpis according to the Asian football federation
An assessment of teaching efficacy of teaching strategy in physical education course as perceived by students
An Assessment of the Primary Stage Social Studies Textbooks in Jordan on the Basis of the Contemporary Standards of Environmental Education
An Evaluation of the Authentic Socio Cultural Elements in the Prescribed English Language Textbooks of the Secondary Schools in Jordan
An Evaluation of the Social Work Practicum Program Effectiveness As Perceived By Social Work Students at Al-Quds University
An Evaluative Analysis of Comprehension Questions’ Level of Difficulty: A case of 12th Grade Palestinian English Student’s Textbook
An Evaluative Study of the Central Examination Committee at the University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS) From Its Academics Point of View
An Imagining Suggestion for Developing the Practical Educational Preparation Program for Student / Psychological Counselor in the Faculty of Education – Al Aqsa University in Light of Recent Trends
An-Najah Academic Activity During the Involuntay Closure 1987-1991‎
An-Najah National University Students, Adjustment in the Light of some Variables
An-Najah National University Students’ Perceptions toward‏ ‏the Justifications and Obstacles of using ‎CD-ROMs in the Library
Anaerobic Power of Team Sports Players at An-Najah National University in Nablus
Analysing the Relationship between Behavioral and Cultural Market Orientation, its impact on Performance of Jordanian Insurance Companies and the role of Marketing Information System
Analysis of economic and social environment of Amman city
Analysis of Hydrochemical properties and seasonal karst solution (spring and summer seasons) of spring water in Ajloun Governorate
Analysis of Investors’ Incentives for Investing their Savings Outside ‎the Banking System in Gaza Strip‎
Analysis of Murder in the West Bank in 2017 According to Some Characteristics of the Perpetrator
Analysis of plant cover in Ajloun governorate/ Jordan (study on plant geography)
Analysis of technology textbook for the tenth grade in Palestine according to the Standards for Technological Literacy
Analysis of Twelfth Grade Chemistry Textbook Questions in Palestine
Analysis the Labor-Intensity of Growth in the Palestinian Economy for the Period 2001-2010
Analysis the Reality of Jordanian Olympic Sports Federations
Analytic Study to Sport's Injury for Jordanian Goalkeepers in Soccer
Analytical and Quantitative Study for Forecasting Methods of the Numbers of Students in Palestinian Schools
Analytical Study of al Mathqab al Abdi's Favored Noon Rhymed Poem in Light of the Objective Equalizer Theory
Analytical study of the level of sports awareness among the students of Al-Balqa Applied University – Jordan
Analyze the Adequacy of the Intermediate Education System Outputs with the Requirements of Labor Market in Jordan (Case Study: Southern Region)
Analyzing National Education 7th Grade Textbook and its Compatibility with Qur'an and Sunnah
Animal Maintenance: its Rule and Hadiths
Anthropometric and Biochemical Effects of Ramadan Fasting on Overweight and Obese Male Adults in Rafah City-Gaza
Applicability of the 2004 ALI / UNIDROIT Principles of ‎Transnational Civil Procedure
Approaches to Learning Mathematics among Students, and the Impact of Mathematical Self-Concept on them, and their Relation to Achievement in Mathematics
Arab (Jordanian) National Union 1971-1974: Historical Analytical Study
Arabic Part of Speech Tagging by Using the Stanford System: Prepositions as a Case Study
Arbitration in Disputes between Couples in Islamic Fiqh
Aspects of Negative Behaviors among Students in the Basic Stage ‎from the Viewpoint of Teachers and Mechanisms of Coping With ‎them
Assesing the Transitional Services for Persons with Mental Disabilities from Parents and Teachers Perspective
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