An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Arab (Jordanian) National Union 1971-1974: Historical Analytical Study
Arabic Part of Speech Tagging by Using the Stanford System: Prepositions as a Case Study
Arbitration in Disputes between Couples in Islamic Fiqh
Archaeological tourism patterns and characteristics in Amman Governorate, Jordan
Aspects of Negative Behaviors among Students in the Basic Stage ‎from the Viewpoint of Teachers and Mechanisms of Coping With ‎them
Assesing the Transitional Services for Persons with Mental Disabilities from Parents and Teachers Perspective
Assesment of soil erosion susceptibility in Wadi Rajeb basin using RUSLE
Assessing 10th Grade Student's Levels of Biological Literacy in Light of the Biological Science Curriculum Studies and bybee Frameworks in Jordan
Assessing the Degree of Efficiency of the Financial Supervisor and his Professional Capability within Public Sector in Jordan in Accordance with the Financial Standards for the Year (2011)
Assessing the Impact of Central Bank Intervention on Exchange ‎Rate: New Evidence from Transfer Function Modeling
Assessing the Predictive Ability of PGSCE, Major Requirements, Other Variables and Their Reactions on GPA at Educational Science Faculty at An-Najah University
Assessment of soil erosion risk in the Azraq basin using soil and water assessment model, GIS, and remote sensing
Assessment of the Final School Examination Questions of Seventh Basic Grade Mathematics Teachers, in the Light of the NEAP Foundation Classification of Mathematical Capabilities
Assessment of the level of General Services in the City of Mafraq - Study in Geographical Services
Assessment of the Social Studies Teaching Methods Course in the Jordanian Universities as Perceived by Students
Assessment of the tourism experience in the castles of Ajloun and Alkarak in Jordan on the Electronic Websites
Assignment of Rights and Debts in the draft Civil Law of Palestine ‎‎(A Comparative Study)‎
Attitudes and Satisfaction of Teaching Faculty Members at Mutah-University towards the Assessment of Their Teaching Performance by their Students
Attitudes of Female Students at Physical Education Department at Kadoorie University in Palestine towards Playing Soccer
Attitudes of King Abdul-Aziz University Students in Saudi Arabia towards Physical Activity
Attitudes of Physical Education Teachers towards the Scouting Movement in the West Bank
Attitudes of Physics Teachers, in Jordan towards Instructional and Assessment Strategies Included in Science Curriculum
Attitudes of students in military sciences at Al–Istiqlal University toward learning swimming
Attitudes of Students in Palestine Technical College-Khadori Towards Sports Activities
Attitudes of Teaching Staff Members at Palestinian Universities towards the Requirements of Using E-Learning Tools in the Educational Process
Attitudes of the Basic Schools Students towards Gymnastics
Attitudes of U.N.R.W.A. School Pprincipals Towards Physical Education Program
Attitudes of Young Men and Women Enrolled in Youth Centers of the Higher Council for Youth Towards Gender
Authentic bank accounting data in evidence according to Palestinian law
Authentic Constitutional Court Ruling and its Implementation
Availability of E-Learning Skills for Teachers of Geography at Secondary Level in Palestine
Bachelorhood from a gendered perspective: analytical field study in Amman
Barira's Hadith.. Investigation and Analytical Study
Basing Palestinian Social Policy on Human Development and Welfare Mix
Behavioral Disorders among the Children of Palestinian Detainees in the Bethlehem Governorate from the Point of View of the Mothers
Behavioral Problems of Palestinian Children at the Lower Basic School Stage Through Al-Aqsa Intifada in Nablus District, as Perceived by Teachers and Their Relation with Some Variables
Belief in School Justice and its Relation with Social and Psychological Skills and Academic Achievement among Primary and Secondary Students in Government Schools Tulkarm Region
Beyond the Emotion among the Parents of the Autistic Children in Preschools and its Impact on Emotional and Behavioral Problems among their Children
Biochemical Properties Of Y-Glutamyl Transpeptidase From Onchocerca Volvulus
Biomechanical Analysis of Stairs Ascent by Using two Different Methods
Blended Learning in the Literary Criticism Course
Board Characteristics and Corporate Performance: Evidence from Palestine
Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate among Team and Individual Games Players at An-Najah National University
Body Mass Index among Students of An–Najah National University and Al-Quds University
Body Mass Index and Resting Metabolic Rate of the Men Volleyball Players
Body Mass Index of An-Najah National University Students
Book Review: Palestinian Thinkers in the 20th Century
Book Review: Teaching The Thinking Skills ‎
Book Review: Thinking Skills‏ ‏Instruction (With hundreds practical ‎applications) Jawdat Ahmad Saadah‎
Brain Dominance and its Relation to Self-Regulated Learning among Eighth-Grade Students in Amman/ Jordan
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