An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Attitudes of Young Men and Women Enrolled in Youth Centers of the Higher Council for Youth Towards Gender
Authentic Constitutional Court Ruling and its Implementation
Availability of E-Learning Skills for Teachers of Geography at Secondary Level in Palestine
Behavioral Disorders among the Children of Palestinian Detainees in the Bethlehem Governorate from the Point of View of the Mothers
Behavioral Problems of Palestinian Children at the Lower Basic School Stage Through Al-Aqsa Intifada in Nablus District, as Perceived by Teachers and Their Relation with Some Variables
Belief in School Justice and its Relation with Social and Psychological Skills and Academic Achievement among Primary and Secondary Students in Government Schools Tulkarm Region
Beyond the Emotion among the Parents of the Autistic Children in Preschools and its Impact on Emotional and Behavioral Problems among their Children
Biochemical Properties Of Y-Glutamyl Transpeptidase From Onchocerca Volvulus
Biomechanical Analysis of Stairs Ascent by Using two Different Methods
Blended Learning in the Literary Criticism Course
Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate among Team and Individual Games Players at An-Najah National University
Body Mass Index among Students of An–Najah National University and Al-Quds University
Body Mass Index and Resting Metabolic Rate of the Men Volleyball Players
Body Mass Index of An-Najah National University Students
Book Review: Palestinian Thinkers in the 20th Century
Book Review: Teaching The Thinking Skills ‎
Book Review: Thinking Skills‏ ‏Instruction (With hundreds practical ‎applications) Jawdat Ahmad Saadah‎
Brain Dominance and its Relation to Self-Regulated Learning among Eighth-Grade Students in Amman/ Jordan
Brotherly relationship as Predictors of Optimism and Pessimism among a Sample of Secondary Students in North Jordan
Building a Training Program Based on the Teaching Skills of Teachers of Islamic Education for Elementary School in Jordan
Burnout and the Level of Job Satisfaction and their Relationship among Resource Rooms Teachers in Jordan
Captive Women in the Pre –Islamic Poems (AL-Sabiyyah)
Career Commitment among Faculty Members at Al –Husn Jordanian University College from their View Points
Causes of Customers' Intentions to Split from their Banks: Testing the Mediating Role of Customers' Satisfaction
Change in the Overall Fertility Rates of Jordanian Women in Light of the Use of Family Planning Methods: A Comparative Study
Child Employment in Palestine: An Empirical Field Study
Child Labor in the Refugee Camps around Nablus City
Choice of Law Applicable to E-Contract
Classification Ability Level and Wait – Time of Asking Questions by Sixth Grade Female Teachers and Their Relationship with their Students' Achievement in Social Education
Classroom Discipline Modes Practices as Perceived by Elementary ‎and Secondary School Teachers and Students in Palestine
Clinical use of MRI: Virtual Dark-Lumen MR Colonography: Technique, Application and Accuracy
Clinical Use of MRI: Whole body MR Angiography: Normal, Pathologic and Pitfalls
Cognitive Components of the Palestinian Popular Proverb Sociological Approach to Literary
Common Instructional and Learning Strategies Used by Social Studies Teachers in the Upper Elementary Stage at UNRWA Schools from their Perspectives
Common Sport Injuries Sustained by the Physical Education Department Students at Al-Quds University
Common Sports Injuries AmongBasketball Players According to Position on The Court
Common Thinking Styles in the light of the Mental Self-Government Theory amongst Students at Jordanian Universities
Common Verbal and Nonverbal Communication amongst Professional Players in Palestinian Football League
Communication Apprehension Among An-Najah National ‎University Students
Comparative Study of Assessing the Level of Morale Sprit among Faculty Members of Humanity Science Faculties - King Fiasal University and Hashemite University
Comparative Study of Strategic Planning Impediments in Yemeni and Jordan Sport League
Comparison between Flat Pattern and Draping for Preparing and adjust Fitted Coats Pattern
Comparison Study for Locus of Control to the Jordanian Youth Players and Arab Women League Football Players
Components of Fantasy Narration of Emil Habibi's Novel "the Strange Events of the Disappearance of the Pessi-Opti-Mistic Sa'eed Abunnahs"
Comprehensive Quality Standards in Teaching Literary Texts for the Tenth Grade Teachers in Gaza Governorate, and a Proposal Perception to Develop Them
Conceit Proposal for Development Skills of the Mathematics Teachers in the Secondary Stage in Gaza Governorate
Concept and Legislative Environment of Investment in the ‎Palestinian National Authority Controlled Areas: Analytical-‎Critical Study
Concept of Self at Male and Female of Motive Challenges in National ‎Sportive Teams in Jordan
Conditions of Installment Sale in Islamic Jurisprudence
Confirmatory Factor Analysis for Mathematics Attitude Scale
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