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An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)
مجلة جامعة النجاح للأبحاث - ب (العلوم الإنسانية)

"AL-Ahdath" Movements in Damascus during the Fatimid Govern 359-468AH. / 969-1075AD
"Looking for Walid Masoud": Looking For Self and Rich Diversity of Narrative
"Ma" Morpheme and "What" Morpheme in Language Usage a Contrastive and Applying Study
"When Camels Cried", a Play by Atef Al –Farrayeh:Textual Approach
(Journey)‎‏ ‏Haderat Al-Uons Ela Hadarat Al-Quds Ibn Nobata ‎‏ Al-Masry 768 H.
?l ttašbyh bi ?lmaf9uwl between Explanation, Description and Syntax
A Bride’s Package in the Light of Islamic Law and the ‎Personal Status Law
A Cancer – Prone Personality: A Comparative Study Between ‎Cancerd and Noncancerd Persons
A Comparative Study between Linear Discriminant Analysis and Multinomial Logistic Regression
A Comparison of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy with Social Skills Training in the Treatment of Social Phobia
A Construction of Test Battery to Measure the Overall Motor Performance for the Basic Stage Pupils
A Critical Look Into Ibn Al-Wardi`S "The News Of The Plague" Ra`Ed Mustafa Abdel-Rahim
A Geographical Vision for the Development of the Urban System in Taiz Governorate, Yemen
A historical Linguistic Attempt for Understanding the Variability of Manner ('Al-Hay'ah الهَيْئَة) and Circumstance ('Al-Ḥaal الْحال) In Arabic
A Municipal Management and Decentralization Policy ‎Analysis‏ ‏in the Palestinian Territories
A proposal for Contemporary Professional Stand ards for Mathematics Teachers and the Availability of These Standards with A Group of Mathematics Teachers in Saudi Arabia
A Proposed Model for Predicting Failures of Banking Institutions in Palestine -Empirical Study
A proposed Model For Teaching the Five Verbs by Programming
A Remote Sensing and GIS Evaluation of Urban Expansion in Al- Hufof, Saudi Arabia
A Study of Psychological Atmosphere Phenomenon of Handball Teams and its Relation with their Achievement in Top Tournament in Palestine
A Study of Sami Al-Keelani's Volume of Short Stories, "Three Minus One"
A Suggested Program to develop the skill of Raising Questions among the Training Students Teachers of the Major of the Islamic Studies in Al Aqssa University
A Survey of the Reading Disabilities in the Basic Educational Stage in the Ramallah Al-Beireh Governorate, Palestine
Abortion in Islamic Criminal Legislation: its Pillars and Punishment (Comparative Fiqhi Study)
Abu-Walid Al-Baji -His Life and His Scientific Arguments
Academic Adjustment and its Relationship with the General Self-Efficacy of Students in the Faculty of Education at Al al-Bayt University
Achievement Motivation of Racket Coaches in Jordan
Achieving Psychological Security of the Orphan in the Light of Shariah Objectives Summary
Activation of the Lesson of Expression and Methods of Teaching
Adequacy and Consistency in Instructional Planning Processes as a Means for Evaluating and Developing Teacher’s performance.
Administrative and Transformational Leadership Competencies of the Secondary School Principals in Palestine
Administrative Empowerment and its Relationship to Organizational Excellence with Academic Leaders at Taif University from the the Faculty Members Perspective
Administrative measures and penalties for crimes against the consumer in Palestinian legislation
Affection Values in Islam which are Embedded in Islamic Studies Textbooks for the Secondary Stage in Jordan (Analytical Study)
Aggregate and Sectoral Production Functions of the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Ahmad Sedki Dajani: A Thinker and a Literary Figure
Ahmad Shawki's Prose Drama
Aimam Alghzaliy’s Advice in His Message to His son, and the Educational System in Jordan (Comparative Study)
Al Hakam Al Mustansir's Efforts in Developing the Scientific Movement in Andalusia
Al- Khadraa` Mosque and it's Awqaf in Nablus City from the Mamluk Period until Now
Al-Harith Al-Muhasiby’s Philosophy of Teacher Education (243 H‎‏/ ‏‎857 A.D)‎
Al-Jihad : the Path for Peace
Al-Masjed Al-Aqsa Islamic University in Jerusalem in the Year 1931‎
Al-Mu'jam Al-Wasiit
Al-Rahim “Blood Relations” and Al-Rahman “The Beneficent” Linguistically and in ‎Tafsir “Exegesis of the Holy Quran”‎
Al-Tafsir Al-Muneer of Al-Zuhaili: Study and Evaluation
Al-Zahra Book, by Abu Bakr Al Asbahani, Comments and Corrections Vol. I
Al-Zahra Book, by Abu Bakr Al Asbahani, Comments and Corrections Vol. II
Alignments in the Pre-Islamic era, Mythological Reading
Allegations Against the Mother of Believers Aisha, May God give her Blessing in her Morals