An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Conflict of Connectivity and Transmission with Imam Al- Bukhari - Applied Theory Study
Constraints Facing the Training of Physical Education Teachers during the Service in the Governorates of Gaza Strip
Constructing an Instructional Program and Measuring its Effect on the Syntactic Knowledge and Performance in Arabic Writing of Basic Tenth Graders in Jordan
Constructing Norms for Selected Handball Skills for Student’s Faculty Sports Sciences at Mutah University
Constructing Norms for Selected Physical Fitness Items as an Indicator for Sport Selection among Sports Superior Student at the University of Jordan
Constructing Norms of Body Mass Index, Body Surface Area, Ideal Body Weight, Waist –to-Hip Ratio and Resting Metabolic Rate among Students in Birzeit University
Constructing Norms of Body Mass Index, Fat Percent, Lean Body Weight, Body ‎Surface Area and Resting Metabolic Rate of Female Physical Education Majors
Constructing Norms of Upper and Lower Limbs strength, Body Composition and Resting Metabolic Rate Among Females inPalestinian Technical Collage in Ramallah
Constructing Percentiles Norms for Male Students Participating in the Physical Fitness Preparation Course
Constructing Science Teachers Attitudes Scale towards Student Center Active Learning – Teaching Utilizing Rasch Rating Scale Model
Construction of Meaning with Manifestations of Water in Contemporary Arab Poetry A mythological and Symbolic Reading in Collection of Poems "Ma Aqalla Habibati" by Rashid Issa as Example
Construction Tool for Measuring Anger Management Skills to Adolescents with Intellectual Disabilities
Contemporary Palestinian Media Discourse: a Semantic study in the light of Arab Rhetoric
Contemporary Rhetorical Studies between Vagueness and Dullness “Kinaya as a Model”‎
Contradiction Claim between the Texts of the Holy Qur'an
Contraindications Criminal Responsibility According to the Jordanian Penal Code in Force in the West Bank and the Palestinian Draft Penal Code
Contribution of some Anthropometric and Physical Measures in the Performance of the Javelin Throwing Event of Physical Education Students at the University “Khadouri”
Contribution Percentages for Some Anthropometric Measurements to Skill Performance (After Modifying the Court Lengths by Means of Ergonomics) in Volleyball Seniors
Contributions of Islamic Banks to the Palestinian Banking Activity
Coping Strategies against Daily Life Stresses among Al-Quds Open University in Nablus Governorate
Correlation between some of Attacking Skills Performance and Teams Ranking for the Female Players in the 8th Arabian Volleyball Championship
Cost Structure, Economies and Returns to Scale of the Palestinian Industries: Econometric Investigation
Counseling Students Perceptions of School Counselor's Duties towards Students with Special Needs
Creative Characteristics According Renzulli Scale Relationship with Family and Social Problems among Tenth Grade (Gifted – non Gifted) students in Salt City
Creative Thinking Level in Solving Future Problems and it’s Relation with Perceived Self- Efficacy for First Secondary Students in Jordan
Criteria Governing Extension of Direct Credit Facilities by ‎Palestinian Islamic Banks
Critical Analysis of the Education System after the Establishment of the Palestinian Authority
Critical Reading of the Position Analyze Modernist Novels of the Biggest Sedition (35-40) For Hijra
Critical Trends in digital literature between theory and practice
Cross Cultural Pragmatics Requests’ Use of Strategy and Level of Directness in Palestinian Arabic and British English
Crusader Papal - Spanish Policy toward Al-Andalus after fall of Constantinople (1453-1492 A. D.\857-897 A. H.)
Cultural and Pragmastylistic Factors Influencing Translating Surat An-Nās of the Glorious Qura'an into English
Cultutal links between Umayyad Emirate in Al-Andalus and both Al-Maghreb and Al-Mashreq (138-316A.H/756-928A.D)
De Saint Lambert - “Les principes du clavecin”, The First Treatise on Clavichord
Deep Historical Meaning in Thomas Moore's "A Syrian Evening" from Lalla Rookh
Defense Spending and Economic Performance: Evidence from the Arabian Countries
Degree of An-Najah National University Commitment to the ‎Principles of Total Quality Management as Perceived by Faculty ‎Members
Degree of Creative Thinking among Secondary Students in Irbid - Jordan
Degree of Implementation and the Obstacles of the Community School from the Point of View of Government Schools Managers in Jerash Province
Degree of Kindergarten Teachers’ Assessment of their Practices in ‎Creating Learning Environment Conducive to Developing ‎Children's Literacy Skills at Kindergarten‎
Degree of Kindergartens’ Female Teachers of Practicing the Active Learning Elements in the Capital Amman from the Educational Supervisors Point of View
Degree of Possessing Critical Thinking Skills by Students of Faculty Science and Arts Ola Depending on Test California 2000
Degree of Principals’ Leadership Behavior as Estimated by Teachers at Central West Bank Governorates in Palestine
Degree of the Palestinian Teacher’s Adherence to National Professional Standards for Teachers (NPST) (Case Study: Qabatya Education Directorate)
Degree of Unethical Marketing Practices and Consumers’ Acceptance in the Retail Markets in the Northern West Bank
Degree of University Students Awareness towards Political Identity
Degree of Using Material and Moral Incentives in Public University Libraries in Jordan as Perceived by Librarians
Dehegemonizing the Canon of American Literature for Arab University Students
Denotations (Semantic Values) of Break in the Holy Quran
Depicting Reality in Walid Saif’s Poem‏ ‏‎- Ghadra and Zaid Al-Yasin ‎Tale … as a Model‎
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