An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Using Item Response Theory in Constructing the Item Pool in Criterion- Referenced Testing with Dichotomous and Polytomous Items according to Two – Parameter Logistic Model
Validityand Reliability of the Cognitive Styles Test (TCS) – A Psychometric Study on Jordanian Universities' Students
Variations of Childbearing among Women in the Palestinian Territories
Verifying the One-dimensional Assumption under item Response Theory, Using Exploratory Factor Analysis versus Confirmatory Factor Analysis - Comparative Study
Vision of Animated Cartoon Programs in the Palestinian TV for Enhancing the Child Identity
Voices of the Poor: Field Study Implemented on a Sample of the Poor in Jordan
We and the Orientalists –With an Analytic Study of the Orientalist Dozy’s Effect ‎on the Arabic Lexicography‎
Woman's Image at Civic Education Textbooks in the Palestinian ‎Curriculum from 7th to 9th Grade
Women Image in Grade Eight Textbooks: Content Analysis
Women's Sports in the Gaza Strip Reality and Aspirations of "Historical and Analytical Study from a Feminist Perspective" from (1953 to 2008)
Words Which Are Singular and Plural "A Reading in Lisan Al- Arab"
Work Values in Textbooks of National and Civil Education of the Higher Basic Stage in Jordan
Yannis Ritsos Impact On Modern Arabic Poetry: Saadi Yousif As A Model
Youth and Development in the Palestinian Society "A field Study of Gaza Strip Universities Students"
مراجعة كتاب: الخراج منذ الفتح الإسلامي حتى أواسط القرن الثالث الهجري/الممارسات والنظرية، تأليف غيداء خزنة كاتبي
ٍShort Communication: The Role of An-Najah University in the Literary Critique in Palestine
“Ba’al” * and its Semantic Dimensions in the Ancient Language Record
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