An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

The Steadfastness of Economic Strategies Used by the Palestinian ‎Rural Families During the Al Aqsa Intifada (Qalqiliya Villages: A ‎Case Study)‎
The Story Drama in the Hadith - Stylistic Reading
The Strategic Impact on Learning Concepts among Second Grade Students in Science
The Strategies of Memory Promoting Used by Al- Quds Open University Students in Maintaining and Remembering the Information
The Study of Literary Text and Music in Tannhauser Opera by Richard Wagner
The Study of the Market's Needs for the Major Home Economy – Fashion design
The Theme of “Return”: Rituals and Perceptions, in Arabic Palestinian Poetry
The Threshold of Marginality and the Efficacy of the Narrative Discourse in the Ghassan Kanafani's Novel “The Apricot of April”
The Training Needs for Secondary Stage Teachers in Light of Necessary Competencies for Taking Care the Gifted Students
The Transition from the Standard Levels to Creterion Reference on the Effect of Physical Exercise Self-directed to improve some Elements of Physical Fitness and Health to the Female Students in Basic Stages of Bani Obid Schools / Irbid
The Translatability of Terms of Address in Najib ‎Mahfouz’s Ziqaq Al-Midaq into English‎
The Translatability of Utterances Containing Implicatures ‎from Arabic into English
The translation of modern English poetry into Arabic: treating the idiosyncrasies of content and form
The Treatment of Some Deviation Cases in Non-Standard Data Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Applied to Arabic Language
The tribe in Yemen and its impact on the political structure and social integration
The Trilling Method on Violin in Arabian Music
The Undesirable Behaviors Practiced by Faculty Members from the Points of View of Yarmouk University Students: A Survey Study
The Undone Divorce between Sharia and the Personal Status Law in Palestine and other Arab Countries
The Upper Limits of Heart Diminutions and Measurements for Female Palestinian International Soccer Team
The Usage Degree of Education Sciences College Students at An -Najah National University of the Internet
The Use level of Post Elementary School Headmasters’ of the Administrative Communication Types from the Teachers’ Viewpoint in Al-Dakhilia Region
The Use of Islamic Education Teachers in the Sultanate of Oman of some Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills in the Light of some Variables
The Validity of the Fine as an Alternative to Short-Term Imprisonment in Jordanian Legislation and Comparative
The Way of Moving the Finger while Saying Al-Tashahud in Prayer
The Wergild of the Muslim Woman; should it be Half of the Wergild of the Muslim Man or Similar to it
The Woman Image in “Alkhawarej” Poetry During Umayyad Period
The Work of Director Fransoa Abu Salem in Alhakawati Palestenian Theatre Company
The Worship of Satan - Analytical and Descriptive Study
Theatre Directing between Craft and Creativity: The Play "Cross Words” as a Model
Threshold Models in the Palestinian Folklore Song (Bukra Al-Eid Whenaied) Song (Tomorrow Is A Feast) As A Model
Thur-Rummah Baaiyyah between Old and Recent Scholars
Time in the Engraving on the Heart’s Wall by the Novelist, Habeeb ‎Hana
Title Indications in Nadir Huda’s Poetry
To Use or Not To Use Arabic in English Language Teaching
Trace of Difference Quranic Recites in Al Wagf and Abteda in the Holy Quran
Trade Secrets Protection in the Jordanian Law
Traditional Versus Nontraditional Methods of Teaching: the Impact on Nursing Teaching Effectiveness and Student’s Achievements at Nursing Colleges
Training Needs Assessment Process for the Employees of the Non Governmental Organizations in Gaza strip
Training Needs at the Alternative Evaluation Tools and Strategies for Mathematics Teachers in the Directorate of Education in Nablus
Training Needs of Female Physical Education Teachers in the Jordanian Upper Basic Schools from Their Point of Views
Training of Military Arts, Judgment and Methods
Transference of Learning Effect of Handspring Skill on Learning Front Turn over Jumping Horse
Transformational Leadership and its Relationship with Employee Empowerment in the Palestinian Universities in Gaza Strip
Transformational Leadership of Academic Leaders in Official Jordanian Universities and its Relation with Teaching Staff Empowerment
Translating with ‘differance’: The Old Testament as a case study
Translation of Politeness in Audio-Visual Advertising from English to Arabic
Transtextuality Narrative in Palestinian Short Story
Treatment of Subtrochanteric Fractures in Adolescent Patients with Reconstructive Trochanteric Antigrade Nail
Trends of Researchers in Islamic Banking and Financial Intermediation
Troubled Credit Determinants at the Palestinian Banks‎
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