An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

The Role of Entrepreneurial Orientation in SME Entreprises Success Study of A Sample of Small and Medium Enterprises in Skikda- Algeria
The Role of Feminine “Ha'a”‎‏ ‏in Plural‏ ‏‎“A perusal in Lisan ‎Al- Arab”‎
The Role of Ibin Al Haitham in Scientific Research
The Role of Information Technologies in Enhancing the Teaching of Accounting at the Jordanian Universities
The Role of Micro and Macro Elements in Understanding a Text: An ‎Analytical Study of G. De Maupassant's (The Necklace)
The Role of National Sport Teams in Promoting Jordanian’s Touristic Product
The Role of Palestinian Sports Federations in the Activation on Teams Participation in Champions from Coaches Point of View
The Role of Physical Education in the School Program Development and the Acquisition of the Positive Values in the Secondary Stage of Secondary Education Students in Yemen
The Role of Public Jordanian Universities For Enhancing Citizenship Education and its Relation to Developing Self-Autonomy for Students for Educational Sciences According to there Point of View
The Role of School Physical Activity on the Development of Ethical Values a Mangst Student at Physical Education in Nablus Directors
The Role of School Principal in Providing Organizational Climate in the Elementary Schools in Haifa Area
The Role of Schools Principals in Supervising Physical Education and Sport Activities in Qabatia Directorate
The role of some sport activities in serving the local community environment in youth centers of Ma'an Governorate
The Role of Storytelling Method in Reading Skill Development among First-Grade Students at Directorate of Bani Kinana
The Role of Supervion in Supporting Novice Teachers in Palestine
The Role of Teaching in Physical Education in Jordanian Society from its Specialist’s Viewpoint
The Role of the Budgets in Improving the Planning, Control and Decision Making in the Shareholding Agricultural Companies in Jordan
The Role of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in the Economic Empowerment of Women: Field Study in the Pockets of Poverty in Jordan
The Role of the Palestinian Issue in the development of German – Saudi ‎Relations 1929-1939‎
The Role of the Qur'an in Developing the Linguistic Function of Single Words - “Hell” as a Model
The Role of the School Islamic Culture Textbooks in the Civilizations Dialogue through the Outspread of the Dialogue Culture and Tolerance in Jordan
The Role of the University of Jordan in Development of Academic Research from Viewpoints of Academic Leaders
The Role of Using Information Technology in Enhancing the Quality of Auditing Services in Jordan - Empirical study at auditing offices and companies working in Jordan
The Role of Women in Screening (Excluding) Inheritors from Inheritance in Islamic Fiqh (Canon Law)
The Roles of English Language Teachers as Perceived by Learners ‎of English as a Foreign Language at An-Najah National University‎
The Rule of the Seizer of Power in the Islamic Lawq
The Rules of Exception in Oath in Islamic Sharia ‎ ‎(A Comparative Fiqih Study)‎
The Scientific Reasoning Level of Students’ In the Faculty of Science In Al-Hussein Bin Talal University and Its Affection of Gender, Teaching level, and Specialization
The Security Awareness and its Relationship to the Major Personality Factors among Palestinian Security Personnel (The National Security in Jenin Governorate is A Model)
The Self Evaluation of Teachers/ Students Competencies in Teaching Physical Education at Al-Aqsa –University- Gaza
The Self-Efficiency and Its Relationship with Psychological Pressures that faces the Security Bodies in the Palestinian Security Institutions
The Semantic Clarity of Definite Words and its Impact on their Structure and Grammatical Function
The Semantic Values of Arabic Sounds
The Semiotics of Comparative Article
The Semiotics of Paratexts in Haifa Betar's Novel "Bleeding Dreams" A Study in Modern Literary Criticism
The Serious Obstacles Facing Teachers in Finding and Preparing a Reliable Quranic generation
The Settlement Patterns during the Early Bronze Age in ‎Palestine
The Sibahis and their Relationship with the People in the Countryside of the Jerusalem during the 17th Century
The Social Benefits Resulting from the Physical Activity According to the Point of View of the Yarmouk University Students
The Social Dimension of Water Deficit: Case Study – East Jordan ‎Valley
The Social Relationships among the Students of the Faculty of Physical Education at An-Najah National University
The Songs Contained in the Book “Our Arabic Language” for the First Three Grades: Their Domains and Their Performance Level by Female of Elementary School Teachers in Russaifa Education Directorate
The Space Dimension of Jordanian Penal Code Comparative Study with French legislation
The Spatial variation of the crime in Amman
The Speculation Trend within Fadwa's Poem
The Stability of the Right in the Sale
The Stages of Al-Jihad Permission and its Modern Implication (A Comparative Jurisprudence Study)
The Standard of Voting for the Members of the Palestinian ‎Legislative Council in the 2006 Elections According to the ‎Palestinian Voters
The Status of Crisis Management in Jordanian Higher Education Institutions: Al-Balqa Applied University Astudy Case
The Status of Scout Movement at Govermental Schools in “Ramallah and Al- Bireh” From the Point of View of Principals and Scout Leaders and Suggestions for its Development
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