An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Desertification and Development in Gaza Strip
Design Criteria of Arab School Web Sites
Determent Total Factor Productivity in Palestinian
Determinants of Capital Structure Choice: A Case Study of Jordanian Industrial Companies
Determinants of Financial Sector Development “The Case of Arab Countries in Southern Mediterranean during (1996-2011)”
Determinants of Labor Supply and Labor Force Participation in the West Bank ‎and Gaza Strip
Determinants of Physical Activity among Male and Female Secondary Schools Team Games in Tulkarem District
Developing A Computerized Program and Measuring its Impact in Improving Phonological Awareness Skills for Children with Dyslexia
Developing a System for Corporate Governance in Jordanian Stock ‎Corporations to Reinforce the Independence of the Auditor‎
Developing an instructional unit from the national and civic education textbook in light of appreciative inquiry and measuring its impact on the improvement of students' achievement of the primary stage in Jordan
Developing Geomorphological Tourism in Socatra Island through G.I.S and R.S
Developing Standard Levels in Volleyball Basic Skills for Physical Education Female Students at Al- Yarmouk University
Development of the Ability of Mathematical Thinking and It’s Relation to Learning Style of Jordanian Students in Grades 8 to 10
Devising Combating Crimes between Law and Reglementations
Diagnosis of the Reality of Knowledge Management Application – An Exploratory Study from Faculty Members’ Perspective in Economics and Administrative Science Colleges in Sudanese Universities
Differences in Learning Motivation Based on Self-Determination Theory of Students in Educational Sciences Faculties at the Jordanian Universities
Different Levels of some Coordination Abilities among Primary High School Students (12-15) Years
Differential Item Functioning of the National Educational Quality Control Test in Mathematics for 10th Grade According to Gender
Difficult vocabulary in the books of science in primary schools in the West Bank: a field study
Difficulties and Problems that Face Drama and Theater Students at Yarmouk University
Difficulties Facing Higher Education Students and Teachers in Iraqi Universities
Difficulties Facing Jordanian University Postgraduate Students in writing Theses and Dissertations from the Viewpoint of Supervisors and Committee Members
Difficulties Facing Students at Al Quds Open University-Ramallah Branch Studying math Courses from their Perspective
Dimension of Locus Control and its Relation with (Freiburger) Personality Profile of first Division Teamhandball Players in Jordan
Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence Common among Student with Learning Disabilities in Al-Karak Governorate in Jordan, and their Impact on the Type of Learning Disability, Gender, and Grade
Dimensions of Psychological Tension and Stress on An-Najah and Birzuit Faculty Members through the Al-Aqsa Intifada
Disagreement of Footnote with the Text, Presence of Antara and his Absence in the Modern Arab Theater, Hawwa Al Khalida (The Eternal Eve) As A Model
Discriminate Evidences to some Variables According to its Ability to Discover Third Grade Students Learning Disability Problem
Display of Roman Carnival No.9 for the Work of Hector Berlioz: Study
Disputes Incurred Between the Trade Marks & Domain Names on ‎the Internet
Distinguishing Legislative Authority from Consultative Parliament in Islam
Distribution Problems of Consumer Products Made in Jordan (A field Study: Industrial Firms)
Districts of the Holy Quran "and Dawud and Sulaiman as Governing in the Tillage"
Domestic Violence and its Relationship to Economic and Educational Level of Parents of Secondary School Students in Bethlehem
Dramatic Tendency of Amal Dungle
Drug Addiction in Jerusalem & Suggestions to Limit its Prevalence
Echo of Ushtar in Jahili Poetry
Economic Added Value as a Complementary Tool to Evaluate the Performance of the Jordanian Commercial Banks
Economic and Social Realities of Women in Ma'an Governorate
Economic Characteristics of the Population in the Palestinian Territories in the Second Quarter of 2006 Compared with Those in 1997
Economic Empowerment of Women in Arab Countries
Economic Growth and Unemployment in Algeria: An Econometric Study
Economic Means of Adaptations for Palestinian Refugees During ‎Al-Aqsa Intifada (A Comparative Study)‎
Education and it's Methods in Islamic Law
Educational Considerations Observed by Parents when their Children Enrolled in Private Schools
Educational Crises Management in Secondary Public Schools in Northern Palestine As Perceived by Principals
Educational Supervision Status in the Program of Practical Education at the Department of Physical Education at Al- Aqsa University in Gaza
Educational Supervisors’ practices in Government Schools in Palestinian Northern Governorates as Perceived by (male and female) Teachers
Effect a Critical Reading Instructional Program in the Development of Critical Reading, Critical Writing skills and Creative of Jordanian Tenth Basic Grade Students
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