An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

Using reflective journals to promote authentic learning in an English writing course
Using the graded response model in estimating the psychometric properties of the career future anxiety scale among universities students in the Sultanate of Oman
Validity and reliability of the cognitive complexity scale_ factorial analysis on Yarmouk University’s students
Validityand Reliability of the Cognitive Styles Test (TCS) – A Psychometric Study on Jordanian Universities' Students
Variations of Childbearing among Women in the Palestinian Territories
Verifying the One-dimensional Assumption under item Response Theory, Using Exploratory Factor Analysis versus Confirmatory Factor Analysis - Comparative Study
Vision of Animated Cartoon Programs in the Palestinian TV for Enhancing the Child Identity
Voices of the Poor: Field Study Implemented on a Sample of the Poor in Jordan
We and the Orientalists –With an Analytic Study of the Orientalist Dozy’s Effect ‎on the Arabic Lexicography‎
Woman's Image at Civic Education Textbooks in the Palestinian ‎Curriculum from 7th to 9th Grade
Womb-Lease Contracts with particular reference to the Jordanian law: comparative research
Women Image in Grade Eight Textbooks: Content Analysis
Women's Sports in the Gaza Strip Reality and Aspirations of "Historical and Analytical Study from a Feminist Perspective" from (1953 to 2008)
Words Which Are Singular and Plural "A Reading in Lisan Al- Arab"
Work Values in Textbooks of National and Civil Education of the Higher Basic Stage in Jordan
Yannis Ritsos Impact On Modern Arabic Poetry: Saadi Yousif As A Model
Youth and Development in the Palestinian Society "A field Study of Gaza Strip Universities Students"
مراجعة كتاب: الخراج منذ الفتح الإسلامي حتى أواسط القرن الثالث الهجري/الممارسات والنظرية، تأليف غيداء خزنة كاتبي
ٍShort Communication: The Role of An-Najah University in the Literary Critique in Palestine
“Ba’al” * and its Semantic Dimensions in the Ancient Language Record
“I’ve Got Out at Last”: The Subversion of Hegemonic Masculinity in Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”
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