An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

The Moral Principles on which Medical Faculty Students at the ‎University of Jordan Depend to Identify Moral Issues and to‏ ‏What ‎Extend such Principles are Influenced by Gender, Study Level, and ‎Nature of Science Understanding Level
The Most Common Punctuation Errors Made by the English and the TEFL Majors at An-Najah National University
The Most Common Punctuation Errors Made by the English and the TEFL Majors at An-Najah National University
The Most Common Sport Injuries for Track and Field Players
The Motives of Participation in Physical Activity at Al-Hussein City for Youth
The Motives of Tennis Game Practice in Jordan
The narrative in the poetry of the Mu’alaqat, a semiotic approach to the Antar ibn Shaddad'sMu’alaqa
The Non-Muslims Economic Activity in the Islamic State (Jurisdiction) study
The Obstacles Faced by the Professors of Jordanian Private Universities in Practicing Sports Activities
The Obstacles Facing Sport Movement in the Clubs of Zarqa ‎Governorate from the viewpoint of Administrators and Players
The Offense of Evading Military Service in Iraqi and Comparative Military Legislation
The Organizational Climate at Al-Quds University as Perceived by ‎Faculty Members: A Case Study
The Organizational Culture and its Relationship with knowledge Management at Al-Aqsa University for her Lecturer’s Point of View
The Ownership of Sultan Abdul-Hamid II in Palestine (1876-1937)
The Palestinian External Merchandise Trade: ‎Determinants and Stability Investigation During 1968-1998‎
The Palestinian Judiciary Independence Obstacles (Between 1994-1998)
The Palestinian Popular Resistance against the Crusaders 1099-1187 ‎A.D/492-583-H
The Paratext in Fadwa Tukan`s Poetical Experience" the Introductory Text- as a Model"
The Parsing Method in Arabic Language and Discourse Analysis the Notion and the Procédure
The Participant Motivation in Competitive Physical Education Programs for An-Najah ‎National University Students
The Penalty Clause in the Deposit Guarantee Institutions and Islamic Alternatives
The Perception of Student Psychological Problems at An-Najah ‎National University through the Al-Aqsa Intifada as a Result of ‎Israeli Occupation
The Perceptions of High School Basic Stage Teachers towards the Importance of Using Social Media Tools in the Educational Process in Jordan
The perceptions of Jerusalem schools' teachers for the effective leadership of their managers in the light of the responsibilities of Marzano and his colleagues
The Perceptions of the Teachers of the Primary Schools on the Employment Barriers of the Education Technology in the Classroom in the Schools of the Directorate of Special Education in the Capital Amman
The Performance Evaluation of the Audit Bureau of Jordan
The Performance of the Palestinian Industry: An Econometric Analysis of Industrial Production function 1994-2000
The Phenomenon of Emphatic Sounding in Arabic: A Phonetic, Descriptive and Experimental Study
The phenomenon of linguistic lisp between acquisition and disability (manifestations, causes, treatment)
The Phenomenon of Palestinian Runaway Girls and Its Relationship to Family Climate (Disintegration, Violence, and Impact of Friends): A Field Study in the Social Welfare Offices in Jerusalem
The Phenomenon of Phonological Transilion for the Voices: Ḍaad, Qaaf and Kaaf in the Accent of Palestinian Tubas Governorate
The Picture of the Occupied Islamic Towns in the Andalusia Poetry in the Age of Mowahideen and Morabiteen
The Place in the Novel “Soul Inspiration” by Mohamed Nassar
The Poetic Image in the Poetry of Al Qudsiyyat in 583 Hijra
The Poetics of T. S. Eliot and Salah Abdel-Sabour: A Thematic-Mythical Intertextuality
The Political and Administrative Role of the Kizlar a ghas in Egypt During the first Half of the twelfth Century A.H (A.D 1687-1737), in Contemporary Arabic Manuscript Sources
The Population Educational Structure in the West Bank
The Position of the Palestinian Islamic Movements on the Gulf Crisis
The Practice Extent of the Islamic Education Teachers in Developing their Students’ Self-Learning Skills in Busra Directorate
The Practiced Leadership Styles and their Relation to Administrative Communication Styles among Public School Principals in Jerash Governorate
The Predictive Ability of the Learning Environment Appearance of Bullying at Advanced Basic Stage in the Private Schools in Amman
The Prevailed Patterns of Socialization of the Palestinian Family from the Perspective of Al-Aqsa University Students in Khanyunis
The Prevalence of Superstitious Beliefs amongst Students of Educational Sciences Faculties at Jordanian Universities
The Prevalence of the Phenomenon of Competitive Behavior among Football Players in the Governorates of Gaza Strip
The Prevalent Mathematical Thinking Aspects of the Third Graders in Jordan
The Principles Based on Overusage According to Al-Farra`‎‏ ‏in the Light of his Book (Ma’ni Al-Kor’aan)‎
The Problematic Aspect of Penalties Imposed in the Palestinian Income Tax Legislation - Comparative Study
The Problems of Metrics and Rhyme
The Procedures and Guarantees of Disciplinary Liability for the Public Sector Employee in the Jordanian Legislation
The Properties of the Sarsaq Family in Palestine 1869-1948‎
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