An-Najah University Journal for Research - B (Humanities)

The Psychological and Social Effects Resulted from Unpaid Salaries to the Palestinian Authority Employees
The Psychology of Shopping: A Study of Shopping Behavior and ‎its Relation with the Demographic Variables in the Palestinian ‎Society
The Quality of Life of People affected with Aids in River Nile State – Sudan
The Quality of Teaching Performance for Teachers of Social and National Studies at Educational Stages in The Light of the Requirements of the Knowledge Economy
The Real Status of External Funding in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh- Based Not – for- Profit Organisations in the West Bank: Motives, Obstacles, Ways of Inducing Donors, and Impact
The reality of Contemplative Practices and its Impact on Achievement of High Basic Stage Teachers in Province of Irbid
The Reality of Family Upbringing in the Palestinian Refugees Camps As Perceived By Children "A Field Study on a Sample of Refugees Students at Al Aqsa University in Gaza"
The Reality of Gender Mainstreaming in the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in Jordan
The Reality of Health Services Programs Presented to Students of ‎Zarqa Governorate Schools from the School Principals Points of ‎View‎
The Reality of Immoral Crimes in Jordan during (1998 – 2004)‎‏ ‏A Sociological Study
The Reality Of Quality Of Graduate Program At An- Najah National University As Perceived By Their Student
The Reality of Sport Marketing Strategies in Jordan from the Viewpoint of Administrators of Sport Unions and Clubs
The Reality of Teaching the Theme of Homeland in Kindergartens in Jerusalem, and Teachers Attitudes towards teaching it
The Reality of the Arabic Language in Algeria
The Reality of the Partnership between the School and Family in Côte d'Ivoire and Important Mechanisms for its Improvement
The Reality of the Practice of Knowledge-Exchange Processes between the Ministry of Education and the Jordanian Universities from the Perspective of School Principals and Educational Supervisors in Jerash Governorate
The reality of Total Quality Management in the Ministry of National ‎Economy: Analytical study from the point of view‏ ‏of‏ ‏Administrators ‎and Beneficiaries
The Reality of Trade in the Port of Jeddah 1916-1917 Al Qbilah Newspaper as a Major Source
The Reality of using Standard Arabic in Conversational Lingual and in Academic Intersections in Al-Aqsa University from the Viewpoint of Faculty Members
The Reasons behind the objection of the Female Students of the Faculty of Sports Sciences at Mu'tah University to Practice Football Refereeing
The Relation between Job Enrichment and Motivation Work among Balqa Applied University Employees': Survey Study at Main Campus
The Relation of Violence against Social Workers Who Work in the Palestinian Ministry of Social Affairs and the Motivation to Continue in this Social Service Profession
The Relationship between Alexithymia and Obesity among Females in Jordan
The Relationship Between Brain Dominance and Lateral Preference Among Physical Education Students at Kadoorie University
The Relationship between Brain Dominance and the Academic ‎Specialization of Students in Schools and Universities in Jordan
The Relationship between Different Modes (Maqamat) Used in the Music of Aamer Madi
The Relationship between Emotional Stability and Levels of Self-‎Assertion Among A Sample of Students at the University of Jordan
The Relationship between Family Parental Styles and Achieving Psychological Identity among Adolescents
The Relationship Between Family Upbringing and Self-Concept among the Students of Educational Sciences Faculty at the University of Jordan
The Relationship between Level of Inquiry Skills and Logical Thinking Abilities among Tenth Grade Omani Students
The relationship between level of sports culture and mental health among the basketball players on wheelchairs
The Relationship between Life Stressors and Academic Procrastination among Ajloun National University Students in Jordan
The Relationship between Logical Thinking and Understanding of Genetic Concepts among 12 Grade Students of Dakhilia Governorate/Sultanate of Oman
The Relationship between Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction at 20 August 1955- Skikda University in Algeria As Viewed by Faculty Members
The Relationship between Psychological Needs and Teaching Performance of Teachers Learning Disabilities
The Relationship between Response Inconsistency Due to Item Wording and Some Variable
The Relationship between Self- Concept and Aspiration amongst Professional Soccer Players in Palestine
The relationship between the audit bureau of Jordan and the judiciary and the executive authority "a comparative study"
The Relationship of the Organizational Factors with Job Burnout among the Academic Staff at the Palestinian Universities in Gaza Governorates
The Reproduction Semantics and its Symbolism in the Poetry of Samih Al-Qasim
The Responsibility of the Hospital of the Unemployed Doctor’s Mistakes
The Rights of the Handicapped in the Islamic Law
The Risks and Challenges Facing Social Security in Malaysia and Ways to Address them from an Islamic Educational Perspective
The Role of Social Communication Networks in Mobilizing The Palestinian Public Opinion Toward Socio-Political Change
The Role of Availability of Information System Management Requirements ‎in Improving Employees' Job Performance in the Ministry of Education in ‎Jordan
The Role of Children Magazines in Supporting the Palestinian Child's Right of Benefiting and Participating - A Comparative & Analytical Study
The Role of Civil Society Organizations in the Face of Poverty in Amman City
The Role of Communication Campaigns in Changing Human Behavior
The Role of Demographic and Personal Variables on the Palestinian Students’ Perceptions of a Blended Learning English Class
The Role of EFL Teacher Training at West Bank Universities
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